Send me music you like?

I need new music. If you know of any bluesy punk with a lead female vocalist. Like um, Dead Weather maybe or like The Kills. Or The Ettes. Idk. It’s what I’ve been craving. Or just something different. Send me music people. I beg of you.

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An old man rear-ended me yesterday right before I pulled into the gate of my complex. I took it today to see how much it would cost for his insurance to fix it and they decided that basically it would cost more for them to fix it than the actual car is worth and I can either take the money that my car is worth and they’d take my car or take a fraction of that and get to keep my car and all it’s fuckuperdry. Like my trunk wont even close anymore. BUT for some reason I’m not even really all that disappointed. It just means I’m that much closer to getting a new car I s’pose.

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